Below is some general information. If you still have questions, contact us on and we will help you out in no time. See you aboard!


1What is Freedive Yachting?
With Freedive Yachting you will explore Adriatic Sea through sailing, freediving, spearfishing, SUP and yoga activities. Beside that you will have plenty of time to enjoy the serenity of the sea on a deck of a boat. Our service is delievered through professional skipper and world class freediving and spearfishing instructor Samo Jeranko.
2Do I need any sailing experience?
No sailing experience is required. Our professional skipper will take care of sailing and maneuvering the boat. He will also teach you some sailing skills.
3What kind of freediving knowledge is required?
There is no freediving knowlede required. Our freediving program is following SSI level 1 standards for beginners while more experienced freedivers can learn from our skilled instructors and fully enjoy dive sites offering depths below 100m.
4I am a very skilled freediver, what can I expect?
Even if you have a lot of experience in freediving, we can still help you improve. You will have a chance to learn from one of the deepest competitive freedivers in the world, world vice-champion Samo Jeranko, who will teach you some of his secrets of reaching ever greater depths.
5What spearfishing skills will I learn?
You will learn about local fish and specific techniques to catch them. There will be theoretical and practical lessons provided by our spearfishing instructor. We will also visit exclusive spearfishing locations where you will have a chance to catch fish on your own.
6What kind of fish can I expect and how deep they are?
In the Adriatic Sea you can find:
  • Shargos (from 1m)
  • Orada (from 1m)
  • Dentex (15m and deeper)
  • Amber Jack (15m and deeper)
  • Grouper (20m and deeper)
  • Scorpaena (from 5m)/li>
  • Sea bass (from 1m)
  • Conger (from 5m)
  • Palamida (from 5m)
7What activities do you offer besides freediving and spearfishing?
Our service includes cruising around islands on SUPs and relaxing yoga classes, accompanied by swimming in the clear sea and enjoying beautiful sunsets and sunrises while hiking on islands. There are many ways to enjoy the sea or just relax on the deck of your boat!
8What will the weather be like?
Weather in Croatia is very stable in the summer with a lot of sunshine and temperatures between 30°C and 35°C during the day.
However, every few weeks there can be a day or two of bad weather. In this case we will adjust our route to find shelter. If freediving and other activities won't be possible, we will take advantage and do thorough stretching and breathing exercises, or discover local food and culture.
9What should I pack?
For the summertime you need swimming essentials, clothes and flip flops. We strongly suggest to pack something warm to cover yourself after longer dives and a hat to protect your ears from the wind. See Freediving and spearfishing FAQ section to read about what freediving gear to pack.
10I want to freedive, but not spearfish. Can I still go on a spearfishing route?
Yes. Spearfishing route around Vis island is appropriete for freedivers and spearfishermen. There is the same amount of freediving lessions as in the route around Kornati islands. The only difference are additional spearfishing theoretical and practical lessons.
11Will food and drinks be included on my Freedive Yachting holiday?
Yes, some food and drinking water are included. We will be cooking aboard, while meals in restaurants are not included in the price.

Booking and payment

1How do I make a booking?
Go to our booking page to book your vacation. Choose the trip you prefer and fill out the form to send us a booking request. We will contact you shortly afterwards and send you receipt for downpayment.
2Can me and my friends book a whole boat?
Yes. You can book a whole boat. This way you can select your own dates and route. Please contact us on our email for whole boat bookings
3How many people can go on one boat?
Depending on the boat, the number of people aboard can range from 8 to 10 including skipper and freediving instructor.
4How can I pay for my sailing holiday?
You will recieve proforma invoice with bank details. All payments have to be made in EUR.

Freediving and spearfishing

1What kind of freediving equipment do I need?
Mask, snorkel and fins are a basic set of equipment that is always avaliable on the boat. However, when diving deeper than 10m water gets cold (below 20°C). Therefore we suggest using 5mm or 3mm diving suit to keep you warm and protected from the sun. Full list of recommended equipment:
  • Mask
  • Snorkel
  • Fins
  • Weights (can be rented to avoid heavy luggage)
  • Wet suit (can be rented)
We provide:
  • Buoys
  • Ropes
Contact us in advance for any rentals.
2What kind of spearfishing equipment do I need?
To keep high safety standards diving buoy and knife are obligatory. For spearfishing we use both pneumatic and sling guns of all lengths. If you dont have your own spearfishing equipment contact us in advance and we will rent it for you.
3Do I need any licence for freediving in Croatia?
There is no licence required for freediving in Croatia. You only have to mark your diving location with diving buoy.
4What are legal requirements for spearfishing?
For spearfishing you must be at least 16 years old and have a spearfishing licence that you can get through web application. It costs around 60€ per week. Spearfishing is prohibited in national parks like Kornati.
5What is the sea temperature in Croatia?
Average sea temperature in Šibenik
Month April May June July August September October
Temperature 14°C 17°C 21°C 23°C 24°C 21°C 17°C
6How many instructors are on the boat?
There is one instructor per boat. Head of instructors is Samo Jeranko who is a master instructor of freediving and elite freediving coach. He is also a spearfisherman with great knowledge of local fish and spearfishing techniques. In case there are more boats per week, there will be also assistant instructors qualified to support all the activities.

Yacht and skipper

1What are the yachts like ?
We use sailing boats and catamarans. Both are very confortable with double bed cabins. There are at least two bathrooms, kitchen and communal area. Each boat has a fridge, so you can bring your own food as well.
2Is there a speed boat ?
Yes. We have 6.1m speed boat with 150HP with us for saftey reason and for better access to remote diving locations.
3Who is in charge of our boats?
Professional skipper will make final decisions to ensure everyone's safety and comfort.
4Are there electricity sockets on the yachts ?
There are 230V European sockets avaliable when the boat is docked and connected to shore power. When the boat is not docked, you will have to use 12V with a car charger adapter.
5What kind of qualifications and training do your skippers have ?
Our skippers have RYI Yacht Master licence as well as a lot of experience in sailing Adriatic Sea. They will also share their sailing knowledge with you.

Travel information

1Do I need travel insurance?
We strongly recommend travel insurance. Even though we arrange diving and sailing insurance, these two don't cover everything. With our fast speed boat you will have acces to medical care in 15min from our every location.
2How to travel to Marina Mandalina?
The best way is by plane through Split International airport where our staff can pick you up. There are direct flights offered by Ryan Air, Monarch, Wizz Air, Aegean Airlines, Thomas Cook and Pegasus.

Obala Jerka Šižgorića 1
22000, Šibenik
3Do you offer airport transfer ?
Yes, let us know the dates of your arrival and we will set up a transfer for you.