It was all about fish – another Freedive Yachting succes
May 26, 2017
The Guardian lists Freedive Yachting as top 10 marine adventure holidays worldwide!
March 19, 2018

Freediving and sailing adventure around Kornati Islands

“Freedive Yachting has been the best week in my life,” said Julian when we returned from our trip, and it seemed like most of our crew felt the same way. Sailing through nautical paradise of Kornati Islands, exploring stunning freediving locations, and enjoying great company from all over the world are just some of the highlights from our recent trip.

The adventure started in Šibenik, Croatia. NCP & mare sailboats were waiting for us in the port, fully equipped with different types of gear. We were ready to set our sails towards Žirje Island.


That same afternoon, Mateusz Malina, a current freediving world record holder, and Samo Jeranko, freediving world vice champion, officially welcomed the guests to the trip and briefed them about the plan of our adventures. The following morning, the decks of our boats transformed into a perfect place for practicing breathing, relaxation and equalization techniques.

Before the first freediving training, everyone received their wetsuits, masks, fins and weights that were generously provided by Mares brand and Aquamania shop. We were excited to explore the crystal-clear waters that surrounded us.

Everyone happily jumped into the water. Beginners were learning the basics of equalization, duck dives and finning while keeping close to the boat. More experienced freedivers enjoyed the dives down to 30 meters on the other side of the bay.

Since we held our main freediving sessions in the mornings, we had time for snorkeling, swimming, standup paddle boarding and relaxing on a deck of a boat later in the afternoons.

On the second day, we took advantage of stronger winds and headed towards the Southern side of The Kornati National Park where we found a few astonishing freediving locations.

For the grand opening, we anchored our boats on 6 meter deep reefs that were reaching down to 60 meters into the blue. We approached them closely with our boats, embracing the magnificent scenery above and below the sea surface, while corals and fish were keeping us company.

The highlight of that day was an evening hike to the top of the Mana island where we admired the sunset and ruins of an old fortresses.

We discovered another amazing freediving location on Borovnik Island. During our snorkeling session, we came upon some astonishing cliffs that were enclosing the sea in an almost amphitheatrical way; reaching as deep as 50 meters, they hid amazing underwater caves that we could not wait to explore.

After we explored every inch of the underwater scenery, it was time for a different type of adrenalin rush: cliff jumping from twelve meters. The bravest of us immediately climbed to the very top in search of good spots to jump, others carefully observed before deciding to join. Although there were some hesitant tries at first, the entire team ended up taking a leap and triumphantly celebrated their newest accomplishment in the water below.

If the days were full of adventures, evenings were more tranquil, spent in great company on the decks of our boats. Matheusz and Samo took advantage of everyone’s relaxed presence and discussed freediving topics, from training aspects to mental preparation.

Kornati Islands offer some of the most amazing diving locations. Cliffs reaching up to 100 meters under the water were perfect for mastering freediving skills, as well as discovering hidden beauties of the world-wide known national park.

The highlight of the week was the last day’s dive in Junkers-87, an airplane wreck that lies at about 25 meters deep. By that day, even beginners could dive deep enough to enjoy the view of the wreck from different angles and take some breathtaking photos.

To celebrate the week of adventures, we enjoyed dinner at Matteo’s restaurant on Kaprije Island. We started off by enjoying the amazing local cuisine and continued with an unexpected party at the beach. The party lasted until the sunrise when our skippers took us safely back to the port of Šibenik.

Freedive Yachting 2017 Team 😉

Foto by: Julian Honma,  Primož Bregar, Samo Jeranko