Check below to see how a typical day on a Freedive Yachting boat looks like and get inspired!

Each Freedive Yachting trip is different and brings new adventures, sunken treasures and beautiful mornings. But to get a better idea what is going on each day and what we have planned for you, we present you with the typical day on our boat. Above all we promise that we will take great care of you, make sure that you are comfortable and make your vacation better than you have expected. So far we have been able to deliver it and the photos below are part of the proof.

Welcome aboard!

  • Morning yoga on the boat

    Our day 1

    To boost up our energy level we spend our mornings doing Yoga and stretching exercises.
  • Freediving first session

    Our day 2

    Yoga is also a perfect warm up for our main freediving session that normally happens in the late morning.
  • Stand up paddling

    Our Day 3

    Those who prefer to stay on the surface can enjoy the ocean by paddeling around with SUP, snorkling or just relaxing on the deck of the boat.
  • Lunch on the boat

    Our day 4

    To recover after the morning activites we serve lunch after return from the water session.
  • Equalisation exercises

    Our day 5

    Afternoons are for relaxation, dry land workshops and cruising to next locations.
  • Croatia Kornati boat

    Our day 6

    We try to spend three nights per trip on a mooring line outside the crowded places. This way we get a chance to observe the stars and have a dinner on a boat.
  • Dinner on the boat

    Our day 7

    Old fishing towns like Komiža, Vela Luka and Stari Grad are exciting places to visit during our trip. On these days you will get a chance to go out and explore these amazing places.
  • Afternoon freediving session

    Our day 8

    Freediving workshops cover the topics that are interesting for all levels of freediving. We start with saftey and equalization, than continue with stretching and pool training and at the end of the week we cover also depth adaptation with mouthfill technique.
  • Couples freediving

    Our day 9

    Since the cruise ship offers a lot of space for relaxation, Freedive Yachting is a perfect way to spend your holidays even if you are not really into freediving.